Burdock Root – How It Helped Me

Burdock Root – How It Helped Me


When I was first getting fully into using and selling organic herbs, I wanted to learn as much as I could, what each organic herb did to help the body and to work against diseases. I was glad to know that Burdock Root is the major ingredient in Essac Tea, a tea developed by a woman herbalist and a doctor, in the 1930s, to work against cancer. I learned that it not only helped the body fight off active cancer destroying cells, but also, worked to prevent cancer cells becoming active. Burdock Root also attacks cancer masses that have spread throughout the body, termed matastisizing. 

     I had developed arthritis in my hands while I was in my 30’s, so long ago, in the late 1960s. When I reached my 50s, it began to appear in my joints, neck, back, knees, ankles, fingers. When I tried to do knitting or embroidery, my fingers would cramp. When I found out Burdock Root helped arthritic problems, a friend asked me for her to try some. The first week she was able to get out of bed in the morning, instead of afternoon. She had  rheumatoidarthritis. 

    I was taking Burdock Root each morning, 450mg, making my own capsules with the certified organic herb. When my friend told me how much this herb helped her, I began to notice that my hands weren’t cramping any longer. Then Christmas gift giving time came and I had my sewing projects to do. My hands would cramp to the point I had to straighten out my fingers myself. I took the Burdock Root, waited, 15 minutes, I was able to continue my sewing, without my hands and fingers cramping.

    An added bonus, that Burdock Root, does for the body, thinning hair, well, my husband and I found it grew new hair. Though it isn’t as thick as we would like, it is still new hair and filling in where I was beginning to go bald. Dang, a woman going bald is definitely not a good thing.

This herb also increases the immune system. I know We don’t get the flu, colds, etc. and we don’t do vaccines, flu shots.

    It is reported to help the problem diabetics have, of high blood sugar. A good herb that goes well with Burdock Root for that is Bayberry (English Blueberry) tea, drinking 3 cups a day, one with each meal, to keep the blood sugar near normal.

    That is my own experience with this great natural organic herb, Burdock Root.  As in all the herbs I offer here to purchase, all are Certified Organic, unless stated otherwise.

     If you, my customer, have any questions regarding this great herb, do feel free to contact me via [email protected]

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