Flu Busting Kit!

The flu has now become an epidemic throughout the US.

Meanwhile, because my husband and I take these herbs daily, we have remained healthy (no, we do not take flu shots). This is only for adults.
Our Flu Busting Kit consists of 4oz of each of the below:
All for the low price of:
$38. plus $12. shipping.
(Notice: Cat’s Claw should not be taken by those with low blood pressure; Milk Thistle should not be taken by those allergic to Rag weed. Should not use this kit if Pregnant).
Even without Cat’s Claw or Milk Thistle, the GreenPower Blend made into a smoothie with natural Apple Juice with pulp, which you add, will give your immune system what it needs to fight flu and colds.
Our GreenPower Blend is in powder form. 1 teaspoon is added to Apple Juice. A 4 oz package gives 46 servings at 1 teaspoon per serving.

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