Suma Root


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Energy Tonic: Immune System Support, Nutrient.
Suma is an ancient herb nicknamed by the Brazilian Natives (it comes from Brazil) as “para todo” – for everything.
Suma regulates blood sugar; balances hormones.
Outstanding results in many cancers (including leukaemia, Hodgkin’s disease) as well as against diabetes. The Japanese discovered Suma to be unique to inhibit tumour cell growth. Helps to rebuild the body after cancer; helps restore the body when ravaged by diabetes. Helps protect the body against viral infections and purification of the blood and body system.
Two hormones naturally found in SUMA (sitosterol and stigmasterol) are beneficial to the heart; aids in lowering high cholesterol in the blood; antioxidant, contains germanium, fights free radicals.
Balances hormones to help with menopause health issues. Suma helps the body to function and restore good health and to prevent disease, supporting the immune system.

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