Spirulina [Powdered]


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Spirulina a gift from the sea, a one celled safe algae.
Spirulina is a natural source for: Beta Carotene; Vitamin B12; Gamma Linolenic Acid; all 9 essential amino acids that the body naturally takes from food sources. [More times Beta Carotene found in Carrots; 250% more Vitamin B12 than liver; 4 times the protein found in beef, 65% more than beef that is 18% protein; protein naturally in Spirulina is 80% or more assimilated into the body; 26 times the Calcium found in milk]; Phosphorus; Niacin. Even when stored for years, in a cool, dark storage area, the nutrients are still retained in Spirulina; considered by some to be a complete food, only lacking carbohydrates, so a good supplement for those living on a Vegan diet; Complete B Complex; Trace minerals; essential Fatty Acids.
Spirulina helps the following: [when the body receives its full nutrients this is what can happen in the body] Growing Hair; Clear Eyesight; Sharpening of Hearing; Taste Buds are improved; gives increased Strength; builds the Blood, Cell, Tissues; potent health energy booster; naturally satisfies hunger; balances Blood Sugar levels; nourishes the Brain for increased mental clarity and alertness; balances RNA/DNA; boosts the Immune System; reduces Cholesterol; aids Mineral Absorption; curbs appetite; high in Chlorophyll and Iron; aids the body to cleans out toxins, poisons, which bring clarity of mind and energy.

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1 Pound, 4 Ounces


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