Sandalwood (Santalum)


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Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, astringent, disinfectant, deodorant properties.

The wood of the Sandalwood tree was used in temples, in religious rites, furniture and caskets.

Helps: high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, urinary infections, gas, helps weight loss.

Oil: used in yoga. Diffused: Helps: stress, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, fear, respiratory problems; cooling effect on digestive, circulatory, excretory, brain, nervous systems, skin irritations, inflammation causing infections, soothing cool fresh feeling, relaxes nerves, blood vessels, muscles, expectorant, memory booster, helps concentration and memory. Astringent properties: tighten skin, better muscle strength. Disinfectant against small insects and microbes, relieves body odor.

WARNING: Only use oil topically or for aromatherapy. Dilute with a carrier oil.

DO NOT: ingest. Women breastfeeding; Children. If suffering with Cancer or Liver problems. HIGHLY TOXIC to pets, especially Cats!

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