Sage Leaf [Raw]


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We also can order White Sage for use in ceremonies and/or prayer times.

Sage is legendary for its health promoting and disease preventing properties.
Anti-oxidant; protects against degenerative diseases.
Sage works against these health problems:
diabetes; arthritis; cancer; heart disease; macular degeneration; inflammatory bowel disease; osteoporosis; prostatitis; Parkinson’s disease; Alzheimer’s disease; helps to reduce inflammation, swelling; fibromyalgia; arthritis; bursitis; asthma; atherosclerosis.
Sage’sĀ anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties work well against: fungal, viral and bacterial infections; relieves acidity; aids in digestion of fatty and hard to digest foods; helps the attention span, supports concentration improves the senses; provides support with grief and depression; regulates menstrual cycle; prevents hot flashes due to menopause or hormone imbalance; neutralizes free radicals; preventing early aging and helps longevity; has natural anti-septic properties.
Spiritually is used to cleanse spirit and surroundings.

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1 Pound, 4 Ounces


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