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Kelp the gift from the sea. Needed as an Iodine source for those who use Sea Salt.
Kelp is a natural source of Iodine; Bromine; Alginic Acid; Alginates and their Organic Salts, Sodium, Sodium Alginate; Iron; Calcium; Magnesium; some Zinc and Selenium; Chlorophyll; Calcium; Omega-3s/healthy fats; Vitamins: A, B, C, D, and rich in folic acid.
Kelp helps with the proper function of the thyroid gland, which controls the endocrine system, because Kelp is a natural source of Iodine, which is needed for a healthy thyroid. Kelp Increases and supports the Immune System; reduces radiation absorption; binds ardioactive strontium, barium and cadmium in the gastrointestinal tract, preventing absorption into the body; flushes out heavy metals from the body; helps to grow healthy hair, healthy nails, skin; guards against sickness; aids digestion, respiration; promotes a healthy functioning balanced system; nutritional support for the nervous system, heart; helps mental alertness
Health Problems Kelp helps against:
Prevents breast cancer; Balances the effects of stress; gout, for it balances the uric acid, eliminating excess uric acid; kidney;bladder; prostrate, [reducing enlarged prostrate in older men; uterus problems.

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