Hawthorne Berry Powder


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Hawthorne Berry (4oz)

Heart Health Help

Hawthorne is able to increase oxygen utilized by the heart, increase enzyme metabolism in the heart muscle, acts as a mild dilator of coronary vessels, serves as a peripheral, vasodilator (dilating the blood vessels away from the heart, thereby lowering blood pressure, thus reducing the burden placed on the heart).  Hawthorne is used primarily as a heart tonic. It helps improve cardiac weakness, angina pectoris, valve murmurs from heart valve defects, enlarged heart, sighing respiration, nerve depression, unexplained chronic fatigue.

Hawthorne also eases cardiac pain, regulates rapid or feeble heartbeat. It helps with difficulty breathing caused by ineffective heart action, lack of oxygen. It helps heart strain caused by overexertion. Hawthorne is useful in cholesterol reduction. Scientists have found that Hawthorne increases coronary blood flow, improves myocardial metabolism, allowing the heart to function with less need for oxygen. Hawthorne dilates blood vessels, allows blood to flow more freely, leading to lowering of high blood pressure, regulating blood pressure (both when high or low).  Hawthorne acts directly on the heart muscle to help a damaged heart work more efficiently. Flavonoids, found in Hawthorne, act on cardiac and circulatory problems ty dilation of the blood vessels, which causes some reduction in blood pressure. Hawthorne is very effective to relieve restlessness and insomnia. When used on a regular daily basis, Hawthorne is excellent for preventing and treating coronary heart disease.

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