Flu-Busting Kit


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This is only for adults.
Our Flu Busting Kit consists of 4oz of each of the below:
  • GreenPower Blend
  • Feverfew
  • Cat’s Claw
  • Milk Thistle
All for the low price of:
$38. plus $12. shipping.
(Notice: Cat’s Claw should not be taken by those with low blood pressure; Milk Thistle should not be taken by those allergic to Rag weed).
Even without Cat’s Claw or Milk Thistle, the GreenPower Blend made into a smoothie with natural Apple Juice with pulp, which you add, will give your immune system it needs to fight flu and colds.
Our GreenPower Blend is in powder form. 1 teaspoon is added to Apple Juice. A 4 oz package gives 46 servings at 1 teasp


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