Damiana [Raw]


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Damiana Leaf was used by the Mayan Indians.
Damiana has been reported to help in/with the following:
Sexual problems; Aphrodisiac; Impotency; Infertility; Inflammation of the sexual organs, balances hormones in both men and women; rejuvenates the sexual organs; strengthens the sexual organs in women; helps during menopause, against hot flashes. Asthma, lungs; vertigo;
body cleanse; nerve tonic, stimulates the central nervous system to work properly; works against exhaustion, giving strength; strengthens the extremities; stimulates muscular contractions in the intestinal tract, laxative, relieves constipation; helps kidney inflammation; relieves cold symptoms and cough, relieves bronchitis; tonic for the brain; headache relief;
Lou Gerig’s disease.

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