Cinnamon Leaf (Cinnamomum Verum)


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The best and original from Sri Lanka!

Warm Spicy, Musky Odor. Consistency thicker then water. Popular Aroma Oil.

Powerful Anti-Rheumatic, AntiSeptic, AntiBiotic, AntiSpasmodic, Aphrodisiac Astringent, Cardiac, Carminative, Emmenagogue, Insecticide, Stimulant, Stomach Tonic, Deworming, Pain Reliever.

Helps: Fights against Colds, Coughs, helps Muscles, Body Aches, Joint Stiffness, Chronic Pain. When used in a massage oil: when used regularly, will reduce Inflammation long term.

Aromatherapy: Uplifting, Warm, Lifts Mood (even inhaling directly from the bottle of oil), instant relief from Toothaches, Pain.

WARNING: DO NOT Inhale deeply. Use while pregnant. On children under age 6. Dilute for use on children 6-12 years of age.

Do a Spot Test on the skin to make sure there is no allergy to this.

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organic, natural


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