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    Astragalus is rich in polysaccharides, basically the main nutrient that is needed to feed our bodies.

    It supports T-cell function; strengthens the immune system, giving strength at a deep level, within bone marrow reserves. T-cells are the white blood cells of the body that attack the invaders that cause disease in the body; also termed “killer cells”, because they are able to destroy foreign invaders in the body. It appears to protect the healthy cells, even when chemotherapy is used.

    Reported and believed by herbalists to be one of THE most important deep immune tonics; increases the level of interferon and antibodies; gives strength, vitality; helps to eliminate toxins, to promote healing of damaged tissues.

    Astragalus supports the liver and spleen function, protects them from chemical     damage caused by chemotherapy;

    Normalizes blood pressure.

    It was reported, when Astragalus was added to an anti-cancer routine, with     patients who were using chemo and radiation, lived longer.

    Astragalus helps when recovering from illness and surgery;

    Combats fatigue by nourishing exhaused adrenals;

    Urine flow is improved, as it reduces the potential of infection in the bladder;

    Anti-clotting agent and vasodilating properties, thus helping prevent coronary heart disease, improving blood circulation;

    Increases the flow of bile and digestive fluids, thus helping the gallbladder to function properly.

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    Bilberry [Raw]

    Bilberry Leaf Been used in folk medicine for: gastrointestinal disorders; improving circulatory function....

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    Black Pepper [Goes with Tumeric]

    Pepper, coarse grind Helps Tumeric to absorb into the body.

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    Burdock Root

    BURDOCK ROOT is a medicinal herb and food that has powerful anti-tumor, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and...

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    Cancer Regimen Kit

    1lb GreenPower Blend [powdered] 4 oz Burdock Root [powdered] 4 oz Milk Thistle [powdered] 4 oz...

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    Cats Claw [Powdered] [Not Organic]

    Cat’s claw is a plant. Two species of cat’s claw. Medicine is made from the root and bark....

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    Damiana [Powdered] [Not Organic]

    Damiana Leaf was used by the Mayan Indians. Damiana has been reported to help in/with the following: Sexual...

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