GreenPower – A charge or recharge for Life.



A charge or recharge for Life.


A major help for your health that can be drank (made into a smoothie) or made into capsules (using our capsule filler machine for example.) If used in a smoothie (8-16 oz of juice or water), since our GreenPower includes all the vitamins and minerals one’s body needs for optimum health, you would not even need to take vitamin/mineral tablets anymore. Our GreenPower is so inclusive, that a person could use it, make into a smoothie, even replace a meal! Perfect those who are on the go (camping or hiking?) or those trying to remain healthy while trying to lose weight. The instructions for how much to use are found under the listing of our GreenPower, Additional Information tab.

Each ingredient that makes up our GreenPower is a powerhouse of nutrition for your body. These are the health issues, with all the powerhouse nutritional ingredients that can help:

  • Regulates and/or increases metabolism,
  • helps those having problems with weight issues,
  • fibromyalgia,
  • lupus,
  • nerve issues,
  • diabetes,
  • digestive issues (loaded with good enzymes needed for digestion – natural chlorophyll),
  • Cancer,
  • Arthritis,
  • …and many more!

It is often said: You are what you eat – Eat healthy foods and thrive in good health.

Our GreenPower is packed full of all the natural foods of earth that can help you to do just that. All ingredients are Certified Organic and even Kosher Certified. Ingredients: barley grass; wheat grass; spirulina; spinach; alfalfa; kelp and dulse leaf; dandelion, included are: beet root; organic orange and lemon peel.

All that in One: ready-to use and make into a smoothie. To make a smoothie, all is needed is either purified water or some juice of your choice.

From my experience and what I learned during the time I battled cancer (and I did so the natural way,) I know that the clear juices, when drunk, while one is battling cancer, can feed the cancer. However, because of the fiber that is provided by our GreenPower, when a clear juice (non-fiber juice – e.g. Apple, Grape) is added with our GreenPower powder to make a smoothie, instead of feeding the cancer, it goes after the cancer cells to assist in destroying them. GreenPower taken daily, will flush the cancer cells out of the body, detoxing the body and cleansing the body gently, but efficiently.

We have kept our pricing affordable so you can purchase our GreenPower and gain back or maintain your good health, without hurting your finances in the process. If you use just 1 teaspoon per serving, you yield up to 168 servings per package! (Approximately, based on a 1lb package)!4

Order our GreenPower today. Gain back your good health, energy, youthful appearance (that is what good nutrition does for the body!) and your happy outlook on life!

GreenPower – A truly Restoring Life product.


I suggest, if you want to try this great product first, purchase our 4 oz size. However, if you do plan to use it on a daily basis, the 1 lb. size is:

  1. A better value for price;
  2. The 1 lb. comes in a re-sealable zipper closure polyfoil bag, which helps to keep this product protected from light exposure and moisture, thus having it last a long time.
  3. It does not need to be refrigerated, once open, just keep it in your pantry or shelf, away from light. If kept where it is not hot, just room temperature, the shelf life lasts for months.

If our GreenPower is purchased and kept unopened, it can be used for emergency preparation kits, it can last for many years. Ideal for Campers, hikers, RVer’s or Preppers alike!

I am personally, currently using GreenPower to speed up my metabolism and help me with weight-loss. I will be writing a future blog about how it is working for me. However, so far, so good!


Until next time…


Linda Curran.

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