I received my first supply of GreenPower Blend in powder form the week of June 29. I decided the next day to try using only GreenPower Blend made with various juices, for all 3 meals that day. I had read that, because of the ingredients that make up our GreenPower Blend has all vitamins, minerals and natural plant protein, as well, that a person could live on it, if need be. I would say, in my opinion, after using this product made with juice, for 3 meals throughout one day, that it is true. I held my weight, did not loose (though I expected I would loose at least one pound) and I didn’t gain, either.


Then, since I decided to be my best test subject, regarding our GreenPower Blend, the next day, I decided to only drink this one time per day. I had used various juices, over the 3 meals the day before. I used all unsweetened juices. I first used grapefruit juice. Since it was very sour, I added 2 small tangerines [the slices]. It was still quite sour, but I was able to drink it. The second meal, I used Apple Juice. It was so sweet, it was as if the Apple Juice had added sugar, so that wouldn’t work for me. The third meal, was much better. I used ½ Orange Juice, ½ Apple Juice. That was just right, a bit tangy, but naturally sweet enough. I found that the manufacturer’s recommendation of 2 Tablespoons of GreenPower to 8 or 16 oz of juice, was way too much GreenPower powder. What worked best for me was, 1 level teaspoon of GreenPower powder with ½ cup of juice. I recommend, when first using our GreenPower powder made with juice, to start out the first 2 days using only ½ cup of juice with 1 level teaspoon of GreenPower.


The next two days, I started preparing our GreenPower powder with 1 cup of juice. I found it gave me more of a full feeling and for longer. For 8 oz/1 cup, I used a heaping teaspoon of GreenPower powder. For me, that was just the right amount of the powder. I thought I would have to get use to the fibre, so-called grainy taste. I thought I would have to do just that and to keep in mind my goal of why I was using GreenPower – to be healthy through natural plants and fruits.


Then I bought bananas. Well, let me tell you, that was the best decision I could have made. One morning, when my husband and I had to leave our home early that morning for church, I decided to make up the GreenPower drink and have it before leaving. Even my husband, who is not one who eats many vegetables and certainly doesn’t enjoy eating them, drank what I made up of the GreenPower drink. What made such a major difference was the banana. I took 8 oz/1 cup of ½ unsweetened Orange Juice and ½ unsweetened Apple Juice; 1 ripe banana; 1 heaping teaspoon of GreenPower powder. Wow,  this made a super great true green smoothie (know this I am knew to smoothies. Last year was the first time I had heard and learned what a smoothie was). This recipe made a true smoothie and sweet, with a tiny bit of tangy flavor. All naturally sweet, makes this recipe, in my opinion, the best way to make our GreenPower/Juice drink.


My husband tells me that when he drank the GreenPower/Juice drink, it kept him from feeling hungry. When he got home from church, he ate a small breakfast. This tells me, that if a person drinks our GreenPower/Juice drink, to start their morning, especially on a busy morning, this healthful drink will sustain them, until they take the time to eat a regular meal.


When you have purchased our awesome GreenPower Blend in powder form, made your own version of our GreenPower/Juice drink, please register here and feel free to post to my blog, letting me know what has worked for you.


More of my personal experiences regarding my use of our GreenPower Blend to follow soon….



Linda Curren

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