Cancer Regimen

Cancer, the dreaded diagnosis, but it doesn’t have to bring fear upon hearing it.

Are You or someone you love battling cancer? I battled cancer twice, 13 years ago. I was under the care of a Nutritionist, who taught me how to use organic supplements together with a change of diet, to fight Cancer successfully . I am now among the Victors of Cancer!

Since I successfully won over Cancer, I have continued my research and study regarding which herbs work well against Cancer. Now I can offer my customers a Cancer Regimen Kit, that includes the main herbs that will help choke out active cancer cells. I take these same herbs daily, to keep myself cancer free and I eat healthily, which is very important.

The main ingredient in the Cancer Regimen Kit, is the GreenPower Blend in powdered form. I make a smoothie using it and drink it each morning with a healthy breakfast. It provides all the vitamins and minerals that my body needs ( I find it much easier to drink my vitamins and minerals than taking pills), all from natural organic plant sources. Every herb ingredient in this Kit, is Certified Organic and even more (difficult to obtain) Certified Kosher.  All the herbs I sell, have not been sitting around on shelves for months and months. My supplier is the manufacturer, who has been in business for over 40 years; checks the quality of every herb for Organic, before packaging it; has so many customers, that the packaged herbs are sent out quickly to fulfill orders. There is no MultiLevelMarketing system, when you purchase my herbs. I buy them from the manufacturer and send direct to You, my customer.

The ingredients in the Cancer Regimen Kit include; GreenPower Blend, full of natural plant source herbs and digestible plant protein (if there was no food source, but GreenPower Blend, when added to purified water, a person could live on it. It is also a great protein source for vegetarians. Burdock Root: reported to stop inflammation in the body; includes natural sulfur, which works against active cancer and even helps stop loss of hair and helps hair to start growing again (it did for my husband and I); it is reported to help stop metastasizing of cancer cells; it also helps both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.

Astragalus: works majorly to stop cancer cells, even protecting the healthy cells during chemo. Milk Thistle: safely, easily flushes out the toxins in the body, while sleeping (very needed when battling cancer). The GreenPower Blend provides 156 servings @ 1 teaspoon per serving. (These ingredients in our Cancer Regimen Kit should be taken after Chemo, as the herbs help to increase the immune system, which is needed to fight Cancer).

The way these herbs are used, that I have found, is an easy way and what works:

Smoothie Recipe: 1 cup of unsweetened Natural Apple Juice with pulp; 1 ripe banana; 1 teaspoon of GreenPower Blend; ½ teaspoon of Burdock Root; 1/2 teaspoon of Astragalus. Blend well. Drink slowly, leaving time for the liquid to stay a little while in the mouth (giving it time to go direct into the saliva glands and blood stream). At night, before bed: ½ cup of the Apple Juice; ½ teaspoon of Milk Thistle, blend well. Drink just before going to bed.

I drink the Smoothie right after I have a good healthy breakfast. It also balances the metabolism this way. To do that, food must be taken.

May You or your loved one, who is battling cancer, find that using our Cancer Regimen Kit daily, and much prayer, that eventually You join us, who can say we are Victors over active Cancer.

You can also learn much more about each of these herbs, by going to the page for each herb. We have listed information about each there (Such as: GreenPower; Burdock Root; Astragalus; Milk Thistle).

If you have any questions regarding our Cancer Regimen Kit, feel free to email me. I wrote a book about my battle with cancer. I recommend you obtain it also, for I wrote it to encourage others who are battling cancer. It can be found here under Books. It is an e-book, that you can download onto your devices to read anytime. It is in pdf format. The Healing Quotient.

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