The Virtues of GreenPower Blend

The Virtues of GreenPower Blend

I personally have found that using the GreenPower Blend (in powdered form) to be a fantastic help for me in loosing weight, having energy and feeling healthy, without the aches and pains I had been dealing with.

Daily, in a blender I take 1 cup of unsweetened natural organic Apple Juice with pulp (the naturally unsweetened with no pulp, I found to be way too sweet); 1 Teaspoon of GreenPower Blend; 1 ripe banana, peeled and added in sections to the liquid, making it into a Smoothie.
I drink 1/4 cup of this smoothie after a healthy breakfast. When I first began this daily regimen, I was drinking 1/2 cup of this smoothie mixture. After a month, I realized 1/4 cup was keeping me in good health.

Note: For the best way to make our GreenPower smoothie and healthiest for the digestive system would be to make the GreenPower (1 teaspoon) with 1 cup of purified water. Although it may not taste as good as using Apple Juice, it will help the gut and digestive system better. I also take acidophilus capsules daily, which helps the Healthy bacteria in the gut.

When you order our GreenPower Blend, the manufacturer’s recommendation might state 1 TABLESPOON of GreenPower Blend, but I found that way too much. My personal experience recommendation is to use only 1 Teaspoon in the smoothie recipe.

If you have ever battled cancer; kidney; liver problems, I recommend you order Astragalus, (4 oz size) when you order our GreenPower Blend. I add 1/4 Teaspoon of Astragalus powdered to my daily smoothie.This smoothie recipe provides all the vitamins and minerals, in liquid form, that one’s body requires for good health. So, using the recommended smoothie recipe, I do not recommend taking vitamins and minerals in addition, so to not overdose on vitamins and minerals. It is the same, when taking the GreenPower Blend in capsule form.

I have one customer who preferred to make the GreenPower Blend in powdered form, into capsules (we also have available to purchase our Capsule Filler Machine and Empty Capsules (0), which are 450mg size, which I use myself). My customer is also in her 70s, as I am. She said after taking the GreenPower Blend in capsule form for a month, she feels like she is 30 years old again; has energy she hasn’t had in years; the aches and pains in her knees, back have lessened majorly.

When I was a child, I heard about people long before I was born, seeking to find the “Fountain of Youth”. Until I reached my Elder Years, I thought how silly. Once I was in my elder years, with the aches and pains; overweight that would not get off easily, I understood wanting to find such a fountain. I cannot call the GreenPower Blend that “Fountain of Youth”. However, it is well known that when good, natural nutritious food is ingested into the body, it can help greatly to reduce “old age” health problems. I have had arthritis in my hands, lower back, neck and my knees. After using the GreenPower Blend smoothie for the last 3 months, I am now able to kneel on our living room rug without pain, just feeling the pressure only; my hands no longer cramp; I am able to move around, lift items that are somewhat heavy and I have the energy of when I was in my 40s.

While I decided to use the GreenPower Blend smoothie daily, I was also changing my diet; eating smaller portions; stopped eating sweets, processed food, eating more fruits and vegetables, healthy meats. Before the GreenPower smoothie, I had managed to loose 6 lbs. When I started using the GreenPower smoothie, I lost more and much quicker. It is because it balances the body’s metabolism ( that means whether overweight or too thin).
Since the last part of July, drinking the GreenPower smoothie daily, I have lost a total of 22 lbs (6 plus 16, using the GreenPower smoothie).

These two photos of me, show the difference GreenPower has made for me. The heavy me was taken in May 2016; the second, much thinner me, was taken this September 2017.



This is MY Testimony. I can never guarantee that the same will work for anyone else. I only know that it has worked and continues to work for me. With a good diet, the GreenPower Blend smoothie has provided all the nutrition my body needs.

While many people are spending a large amount of money on weight loss products, though natural and Power/Energy drinks, that may not be that healthy for them, our GreenPower Blend is certified organic and certified Kosher (not an easy certification to obtain) and made from certified organic plant sources, obtaining similar results and perhaps even much better results. Our GreenPower Blend certainly is showing for my customers and myself to be God’s Natural Power/Energy drink.

Disclaimer: We do not claim that any of our products cure, for each person’s body is unique. We recommend, before adding the GreenPower Blend to your daily diet, that you consult with your current health care provider and that you know your own body, what works for you.

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