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Wild Lettuce – Organic

In centuries past, it was referred to as a Poor man’s opium. Wild Lettuce is both a sedative and pain...

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Back Support Kit

Our Back Support Kit comes in two variations: Back Support Kit 4oz Burdock Root 4oz Shavegrass/Horsetail 4oz Wild...

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Hawthorne Berry Powder

Hawthorne Berry (4oz) Heart Health Help Hawthorne is able to increase oxygen utilized by the heart, increase...

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All-in-All Kit

All the cancer-busting power of 4lbs of Green Power Blend combined with 4lbs of Suma Root and 4lbs of Astragalus...

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Suma Root

Energy Tonic: Immune System Support, Nutrient. Suma is an ancient herb nicknamed by the Brazilian Natives (it...

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Pau D’Arco

Used by the Incas and the Argentine government in the last century gave cancer, leukaemia patients Pau...

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Immune Support Kit

Winter is coming! Protect yourself and your loved ones now from winter illnesses such as flu, colds, sinus...

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Flu-Busting Kit

This is only for adults. Our Flu Busting Kit consists of 4oz of each of the below: GreenPower Blend Feverfew...

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